1 st Day of School
Thursday, AUGUST 10, 2017
School Hours:

Transportation requires a New application each year.
You must complete the Transportation
Request Form and return it to the school office by June 8th If you move over the summer you
MUST submit a new proof of residency and an updated Transportation Request Form in order
for a new stop to be assigned.

Senior-July 31st 9am-12pm
Junior-August 1st 9am-12pm
Sophomore-August 2nd 9am-12pm
Open House August 8th-Freshman/new to Oasis High 5:30 pm meet in the gym.
All students invited to an open campus Teacher Meet-N-Greet 6-7:30 pm.

Each year your parent application (gold form) MUST BE UPDATED and RESUBMITTED in order for us to log your parent involvement hours. Please complete the attached application(s) for the 2017-18 school year. Applications received by June 8th will be processed over the summer and your background check should be complete prior to the first day of school.

Parking permit registration can be completed online starting June 1st.

Please visit our website oasishighschool.net and like us on Facebook: Oasis HS Athletics

If your situation has changed and your student will NOT be attending Oasis High next year, please complete a Seat Decline Form (available in the front office) so that we can make your student’s seat available to one of the many students on our waiting list.

Our office hours for the summer are 8am to 2pm Monday-Thursday.

Upcoming 2017-2018 Changes


As a reminder, below is the process for a student to sign out before the end of school hours.
1. Visit our website (Oasishighschool.net)
2. On the main page (left side) go to Resources
3. Under Resources, go to Contact Us
4. Complete the form; including the student name & time of departure in the comments block.
5. Call the office to verify (#239-541-1167)
6. Your student will be called down to physically sign out with the office before leaving campus

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, volunteer hours will no longer be offered for attending athletic events. Each team within the Athletic Department has a variety of needs/opportunities to fulfill each family’s hourly requirement.

Volunteer opportunities within the athletic department will be posted at www.oasishighschool.net/athletic-department-volunteers

Volunteer opportunities are also available through school events and academic needs. Please check the website or contact the front office for details. Teachers in special need of classroom resources will also be sharing a wish list in August.

We have changed the dress code for 2017-2018. Two major changes include:

Shirts: Non-spirit day shirts must be solid with an OHS logo or solid with one logo no larger than the standard OHS logo; that logo (Nike Swoosh, for example) must be located on the front chest area. Shirts must be in a school-approved color (black, navy/royal blue, white, pink, or gray) and have a full collar; both polo and oxford-style shirts are authorized. Spirit day shirts will be worn as described above.

Pants (including cargo style) will be solid in color (black, navy/royal blue, or tan), and have front and back pockets with a zipper or button fly. No stretchy material or tight fitting stocking type pants are allowed. Oversized or baggy pants are not permitted. Pants will be fastened at the waist. No distress marks are permitted. Pants with elasticized leg openings (joggers, for example) are not authorized. Plain jeans (blue, black, tan, or white; no modifications) may be worn.

Students may wear sweatshirts or jackets as outer garments on top of t-shirts or polos. However, if a student chooses to remove a dress code appropriate outer garment for any reason, even during PE classes or outdoor activities, the “new” outermost garment must be dress code appropriate. OHS shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets are available online or through the front office. Outermost garments not Oasis specific, must be a solid dress code approved color and logo.

The complete dress code is published on the website. Oasis logo shirt and sweatshirts are available online.