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The Oasis High School Attendance Policy will be conducted in accordance with all applicable Florida State Statutes and Lee County School District Policies. The overall philosophy of the OHS attendance policy is to be sensitive to family needs while balancing the statutory requirements for attendance.

Students shall be counted in attendance if they are actually present at school at the time the attendance is taken or are away from school on a school day and engaged in an educational activity that constitutes a part of the school-approved instructional program for the student.

All students are expected to be physically in their assigned classroom/area and under the immediate supervision of their teacher not later than the class start bells. The school day begins at 7:00 a.m.

The attendance secretary will accept telephonic parental contact up to 8:15 a.m. on school days as documentation for excused tardies/absences. After that time, written documentation from a parent is also required in addition to a phone call.

If a student’s attendance status is coded as “unexcused absence” at any point of the school day, and no documentation from the parent/guardian exists to justify the absence, the attendance secretary will contact the student’s parent/guardian to determine the reason for the absence.

The current Lee County School District Policy Letter on what constitutes an excused absence will be followed as a guide; the list is NOT all-inclusive. If there is a question as to whether the absence is excused, the attendance secretary will confirm the student’s status with a member of the Administration.

  • Once a student has accumulated 5 unexcused absences in a calendar month, the attendance secretary will send out a “warning letter” to the parent or guardian. The assigned counselor will specifically monitor that particular student’s attendance from that point forward to determine what the attendance issues are and identify possible solutions. If appropriate, the student will be referred to the Dean of Students to discuss possible disciplinary consequences.

  • Once a student has accumulated 8 unexcused absences in a month, quarter, or previous 90 days, the counselor will send a letter to the parent/guardian requesting a Child Study Team Meeting. Meeting participants will be the student, the parent/guardian, the counselor, and an Administrator (the Principal, the Assistant Principal, and/or the Dean of Students). Specific strategies will be identified and implemented at that meeting. In addition, the student and parent/guardian may be required to sign and adhere to an attendance contract during that meeting. Failure to adhere to the contract may result in loss of academic credit and /or disenrollment.

  • If the student accumulates 10 unexcused absences within 90 calendar days, or violates a current attendance contract, the Dean of Students will send a letter to the parent/guardian documenting the consequences, which may include loss of academic credit and/or disenrollment.
If a student fails to properly sign in, regardless of whether it is the first or subsequent offenses, it will be documented by Administration and processed by the Dean of Students as a Code of Conduct violation.


Tardiness is defined as late arrival by any amount of time to the student’s first assigned or any subsequent period, or the failure to sign-in upon arrival to school. Habitual tardiness is defined as six (6) or more tardies to school or to an individual class per quarter.

Tardies (whether excused or unexcused) revert back to 0 at the beginning of each quarter.

For enforcement of compulsory school attendance, three unexcused tardies or unexcused early sign-outs may, at the discretion of the school principal or designee, be considered equal to one day of absence.

The following accountability measures will be taken in response to unexcused student tardiness during each quarter:

  1. Tardy to 1 st Block:

    First Tardy – documented by Main Office; parent contact by Main Office
    Second Tardy – documented by Main Office; parent contact by Main Office
    Third Tardy – documented by Main Office; parent contact by Main Office
    Fourth Tardy – documented by Main Office; parent contact by Main Office
    Fifth Tardy – documented by Main Office; student referred to Dean for discipline

  2. Tardy to Class (Blocks 3 – 8): documented by teacher(s); Administration will follow up with the student as requested by teacher(s) or as deemed necessary by the Administration