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DRESS CODE 2019-2020

Dress Code Requirements

Dress Code (Student)

To assist parents and students in making appropriate fashion and grooming decisions for school, the School Board has established the following guidelines for appearance and dress.

Students will comply with the approved Dress Code. Refer to School website for complete dress code requirements.  All employees, specifically instructional staff, are responsible to enforce the Dress Code and process students for violations.



1) Shirts: Non-spirit day shirts, we are allowing other solid colors this year (we prefer white, grey, navy, blue, black, pink). An OHS logo or one solid color with one logo no larger than the standard OHS logo (quarter sized); that logo (Nike Swoosh, for example) must be located on the front chest area (no other advertising allowed). Shirts must have a full collar (no patterns); both polo and oxford-style shirts are authorized; these can be a solid basic color. Spirit day wear- anything Oasis or must follow regular dress code. Undergarments/straps may not be visible due to the material, design or wear of the shirt. No sweat shirts or sweaters. We are not allowing plaid, patterns, stripes, large name brands on clothing). Shirts are ONE color.

2) Shorts: Relaxed-fit, cargo, or regular black, navy/royal blue or tan shorts (one solid color; no patterns) in either a flat or pleated front may be worn. Shorts must extend at least midway between the longest fingertip and top of the knee. They may not be too baggy or too tight and must be worn at the waistline. Jeans are not to have holes or distressed marks, even if patched.

3) Skorts/Skirts/Capri: Black, navy/royal blue, or tan bottoms (one solid color; no patterns) in either a flat, pleated, or Bermuda-style front may be worn. The item worn must extend at least midway between the longest fingertip and top of the knee. They may not be too baggy or too tight and must be worn at the waistline. No jeggings or stretchy material that fit like stockings or yoga pants are allowed. No distress marks or holes are permitted. Pants with elasticized leg openings (joggers, for example) are not authorized.

4) Pants (including cargo style) will be solid in color (black, navy/royal blue, or tan; no modifications or patterns), and have front and back pockets with a zipper or button fly. No stretchy material or tight-fitting stocking type pants are allowed. Oversized or baggy pants are not permitted. Pants will be fastened at the waist. No holes or distress marks are permitted (even if patched). Pants with elasticized leg openings (joggers, sweat pants, track pants for example) are not authorized. Plain jeans (blue, black, or tan with no modifications) may be worn.

5) Shoes: Dress shoes, leather deck shoes, leather loafers, or athletic shoes are acceptable. Shoes must have closed toes and a closed back. Sandals, flip flops, slides, boots, soft-soled moccasins, slip-on shoes, and Crocs are not authorized to be worn.

6) Hair must be clean, groomed, and moderate in style. Extreme hairstyles, length or artificial coloring are not permitted. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside.

7) Hoodies can be the same colors as shirts but must be one solid color with no patterns; A quarter sized logo is permitted (same expectations as shirts). Oasis hoodies of any approved type are allowed. Hoods must stay down while in school. No head coverings (bandanas etc.).

8) All other dress code modifications are at the discretion of administration.

9) No clothes worn inside out


  • Please see student handbook for full description.



                                                                                 DRESS CODE

                                                              1st offense- warning/change attire

                                                              2nd offense- change attire- afterschool detention

                                                              3rd offense- change attire-afterschool detention

                                                                   * parent conference and action plan


            Cell Phone Policy

Students are not permitted to possess and use cell phones during school hours.  In case of emergency, please consult your teacher or administrator. Inappropriate use of a cell phone or other electronic device (Chromebook) includes, but is not limited to, using it in class without the approval of the teacher, distracting/audible ring tones/sounds/music regardless of location; video or audio recording of teachers or students without their express permission; causing a disruption via device usage; creating a safety hazard; tardiness due to electronic device usage; or demonstrating an inability to interact responsibly/maturely with a staff member while in possession of an electronic device.

                                                              1st offense-warning

                                                              2nd offense-take phone/electronic device for school day

                                                              3rd offense- take phone/electronic device for school day

                                                              4th plus- parent will pick up phone/electronic device  in office  

                                                                         *parent conference and action plan