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Students are not to be dropped off prior to 6:40 a.m., or be left on the campus past 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, unless they are with a staff member participating in a school sponsored event. In this case, they would be on campus in the presence of that adult. These measures are for the safety of your child and our staff.


All adults coming on campus during school hours must be checked in at the front office with proper ID. Campus is only open to those attending a school related activity. Anyone not authorized to be on school campus will be asked to leave the property for the safety of our campus and student body.


  • Parents are encouraged to visit the school, but they must arrange appointments when it is convenient for the teacher.  Failure to check in with the Main Office may constitute trespassing and will be dealt with by the School Resource Officer (SRO).
  • Candidates for public office, incumbent or otherwise, should not be scheduled to make presentations to students during the time between the date of qualification for candidacy for office and the final election for filling each office.
  • All visitors to the school will be required to sign in with the main office.   Parents/visitors are not permitted to visit classrooms, teachers, or walk the campus without prior approval from the principal.
  • An administrator will escort visitors around the school.
  • Students are not permitted to bring visitors during school hours.  OHS does not permit “shadowing” by other students.


All volunteers, including chaperones, who come in contact with even one (1) student in the performance of their duties, must complete an application for a background investigation prior to volunteering. Coordinate with the Main Office for the proper forms and process. Written Principal approval is required before a volunteer can perform the requested duty.

Volunteers must sign in with the front office before beginning volunteer duties, receive and wear a volunteer identification badge/sticker, and sign out prior to departing campus. This does not apply to volunteer coaches unless working with students during school hours.

Volunteer opportunities can be found on our website and participation will be coordinated with our office staff.

Volunteers will park in visitor parking spaces.