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 Name Title Email
Dr. Christina Britton Principal Email
Tod Baldwin Assistant Principal Email
Tim Loughren Assistant Principal Email

Support Staff

  • Name
Title Email
Lisa Abbondandolo Front Office Email
Steve Cole IT Email
Deb Downey ERC Email
Sheila Haymans Front Office Email
Jared Hennig School Counselor (M-Z) Email
Jana Humenay Cashier Email
Charlene Long Test Coordinator/AICE Email
Rhonda Pignataro Principal Secretary Email
Arah Show School Counselor (A-L) Email
Tammy  Wermerskirchen Registrar Email
Barbie Wood Media Center Email


Name Title Email
Lisa Alexander Social Studies Email
Stephanie Bloch Social Studies Email
Vicki Bonham Math Email
Tomika Breese Social Studies Email
Deanna Brock English Email
Michael Brown JROTC Email
Joan Campbell Sign Language Email
Lisa Cannon Social Studies Email
Jeff Carstens Science Email
Erin Casale Culinary Email
Sherri Dahl Art Email
Joseph DeMattia OJT/Computer class Email
Ashley Denton Yearbook/Business Email
April Dudkiewicz Science Email
Jason Duhaime Engineering Email
Carrie Guffy Chorus/Drama Email
Frank Haba Athletic Director Email
Kelah Hendon Social Studies Email
Barb Hess Math Email
Alison Kinch Science Email
Katherine Knoche Internship Email
Jennifer Lear Science Email
Janiris Lee PE/Hope Email
Bridget Lukomski Science Email
Patrick McCarthy Math Email
John McNamara Social Studies Email
Mack Mitchell PE Email
Sara Mitchell
Terrell Morrow
Janet Omundsen
Paul Pratt
Iskra Sanchez
Mike Settle
Michael Sullivan
Gabrielle Thompson English Email
Rose Trantina Reading Email
Patrick Velez Math Email
Leslie Webb English Email
Karen Wolters ESE Email

Teachers out of field 19-20