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Only 10th, 11th and 12th grade students with a driver’s license are eligible to apply for a parking permit. The cost for an entire year is $20.00 (nonrefundable); students who receive a parking permit later in the year pay a pro-rated cost. Learner permits cannot be used to apply for parking.

Students may apply for a parking permit via the Google Form link below. You MUST access the link with your school google email.

Parking is on a first come basis and we apologize as there is limited space so some students may not have a spot and will need to determine alternative transportation. Once the list of those requesting a parking spot is complete, students will be assigned their permit when they come to pick up their course schedule on the assigned grade level day. 

Students must pay the $20 fee (cash or check) during the first week of classes in order to retain the spot. A confirmation letter will be sent home with the student once payment is received and will require a parent signature for the student to officially “own” the spot. Students who do not pay within the first week of school or return the signed parental acknowledgment form by the second week of school will forfeit their parking privilege.

Students will be assigned to a numbered parking space and may only park in that specific spot.

Due to increasing demand for parking, as well as the finite number of parking spaces available, any student that receives a suspension, or has five (5) or more unexcused absences or tardies in any school quarter, or 10 (ten) or more unexcused absences or tardies throughout the school year, may have their parking privileges temporarily suspended or permanently revoked for the remainder of the school year at the discretion of the Administration.

Among other reasons (arrests, alcohol usage, etc.), activities like reckless driving, speeding or parking in unauthorized spaces/areas, or lending, borrowing or modifying a permit may also be cause for possible revocation of campus driving and parking privileges. 

Please drive safe and respect campus rules at all times. 

Operating a vehicle on-campus is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.