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Through the Cum Laude System, all high school students pursuing a standard high school diploma will be eligible to earn one of several special designations. Based on the final, weighted grades, graduates may be recognized during commencement (and on their diplomas and transcripts) as having earned one of these special designations:

Rank Designation

Grand Point Average

Summa Cum Laude (“with highest praise”)

4.00 and higher

Magna Cum Laude (“with great praise”)

3.75 to 3.99

Cum Laude (“with praise”)

3.50 to 3.74

Rank with Distinction

3.25 to 3.49

Rank with Honors

3.00 to 3.24

Class rank will continue to be calculated based on a weighted grade point average system. Students who take AICE, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses will continue to add “weighted” grade points to their average, and the resulting weighted GPA will continue to be used for admission and scholarships to colleges and universities.

The final GPA for seniors is based on the 7th semester of high school. That is the end of the first semester of your senior year. For all transcript and graduation purposes, a final ranking will be made at the district level by the start of the last semester. If a student has on line (FLVS) classes pending, or is taking classes at Edison State College or FGCU, those courses must be completed and confirmed at Oasis in guidance before the start of semester two, senior year. One more reminder, it is NOT the end of the senior year GPA that is calculated for the Cum Laude ranking.

Graduation speakers will be from the Summa Cum Laude membership and will be voted on by the Summa Cum Laude membership. This vote will take place in March.