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Student Government is a club that caters to all individuals who want to get involved

within the Oasis community. Members are given the opportunity to campaign and run for class

elections as well as Executive Board positions during their junior and senior year. Student

Government is responsible for the planning and coordination behind school events such as

homecoming, prom, fundraisers and school spirit events.

Meetings are held every second Thursday of each month. If you are a passionate

individual that would like to represent your class or are simply looking to find your niche at

Oasis— JOIN STUDENT GOVERNMENT and explore your untapped leadership potential!!


President – Oriana Troche

Vice President – Valeria Velazquez

Secretary – Molly Hill

Treasurer – Edward Pedraja

Sponsor: Charlene Long/Karen Wolters


President –Isabelle Nghi

Vice President – Meghan Bischoff

Secretary – Caitlin Caulfield

Treasurer – Chelsea Long

Sponsor - Ashley Denton, Kristine Garretto


President – Kailyn Mikulus

Vice President – Samantha Esposito

Secretary – Olivia Marsala

Treasurer – Cora Long

Sponsor - Nancy Oukasse, Lisa Cannon, Rae Vanderheyden


President – Isaac Milaski

Vice President – Lane Maxey

Secretary – Emily McWilliams

Treasurer – Emily Sherron

Sponsor - Janet Omundsen, Doug Knitt


President – Emily Olstynski

Vice President – Riley Catlett

Secretary – Emerson Gibbs

Treasurer – Delphine Sintamour

Sponsor - Michelle Sandel, Kim Eyman