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Bell Schedule


Odd Days

1st Period: 7:00 - 8:30 
3rd Period: 8:35 - 10:00 
5th Period: 10:05 - 12:00 
7th Period: 12:05 - 1:35

Even Days

2nd Period: 7:00 - 8:30 
4th Period: 8:35 - 10:00 
6th Period: 10:05 - 12:00 
8th Period: 12:05 - 1:35

Early Release Days 
(No Lunch)

1st/2nd Period: 7:00 - 7:45 
3rd/4th Period: 7:50 - 8:35 
5th/6th Period: 8:40 - 9:25 
7th/8th Period: 9:30 - 10:15



Block Day Lunch

Shift 1: 10:00- 10:30
Shift 2: 10:45 - 11:15 
Shift 3: 11:30- 12:00


Club listings 18-19


Art (Ms. Dahl)- Wednesday 1:35 to 3:00pm

This club plans big art projects. We plan on creating a mural for the school this year. We will also take part in the  chalk block event. We will also be planning other school wide projects throughout the year.

Big/Little (Ms. Campbell)-Friday 1:35 to 3:00pm

This is a student led bible study and prayer group.

Chess (Ms. Kinch  )

Choir/Chorus(Ms. Guffy)- Tuesdays 1:35pm to 2:pm

Culinary (Ms. Casale)- Meetings to be determined

Culinary will have ongoing projects and community events that we will be participating in through out the school year. Please stop by my room for additional information and current events.

English Honor Society (Ms. Anderson)- Will meet weekly  on Thursdays in my room

NEHS is an international organization for high school students who excel in English. Students must have and maintain a 3.5 in all English courses.

Fishing (Dr. Howell)- Meeting every other Wednesday starting October 3rd.

Clubs' focus is to bring fishing enthusiasts together in our Oasis community. It will be fun to learn fishing in Southwest Florida from each other.

I am the biology teacher here at Oasis. I am a  relatively new resident in Florida, about a year and a half. I am a scientist and have taught at the college level.  I love to fish so this club is a great fit. Fishing is how my wife got me to move to Florida. Stop by my room on the second floor for more information.

French Honor Society (Ms. Oukasse)- Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

The aim of this organization shall be to stimulate interest of the French language, to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone cultures, and to promote international friendship. Membership to this organization is by application only and open to to 2nd semester French 2 students.

French Club (Ms. Oukasse)- Every 4th Wednesday of the month

The French club is for all students who are interested in the French language and culture and would like to improve their knowledge of both. This club works closely with the French honor society.

Key Club(Ms. Hess)- Mondays in room 222 until 2:15 pm

We are a service organization that works with the Kiwanis Club of Cape Coral to service needs in our neighborhood. We volunteer throughout the city and school and this a good place to get volunteer hours for college. It is a student led club that focuses on leadership qualities and preparing students to become better citizens within their community.

National Honor Society- More information can be found on the Oasis website

Model United Nations(Mr. Settle)

Recycling(Ms. Kinch)- Weekly meetings

We will go room to room and take out the recyled items to the recyling dumpster outside.

Spanish Honor Society (Ms. Sanchez)-

Student Government (Various Leaders)- There is more information on the SGA page in the student portal.

This will prepare students to be leaders at school and  as they go through life. It is important that we raise leaders who can problem solve and affect postive changes in the community.

Thespians(Ms. Guffy)Will meet Monday and Thursdays after school

This club is for young actors and actresses who will be performing in many productions throughout the year.

Youth in Government(Ms. Faulk and Ms. Brock)- Will meet every other Thursday in room 227 1:45pm to 2:30pm

We partner with the YMCA. This is a nationwide program that allows students to participate in a mock congress. Students have the opportunity to be active in Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of government. Students will be able to write legislation, present memos and briefs ( be a lawyer) and be an active part of the executive cabinet. There will be many trips throughout the year and several other opportunities to  be active in how government works. If you are interested in seeing how the government works first hand, consider joing Youth in Government!

Bright Futures

Florida State Statute has been updated to reflect a more rigorous process for the approval and validation of Bright Futures volunteer hours.

· Attached is a packet that includes the Bright Futures volunteer hours criteria, service agreement, student proposal template, and student reflection   template. The packet is designed for distribution to students/parents.

Please note: From this point forward, only volunteer hours earned and validated under the Bright Futures guidelines will be posted on the mainframe. (Please read the attachments in detail.) Service hours that students earn outside of the Bright Futures process defined in Florida Statute shall be documented by the student on his/her personal resume or portfolio. The school district is unable to post service hours outside of the Bright Futures vetting guidelines/requirements on the high school transcript.

Student Code of Conduct