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Acquiring Your Hours


Volunteer hours will no longer be available for attending athletic events.  There are plenty of opportunites within each athletic program and the department as a whole that assistance and donations are needed. We sincerely thank you for being a SHARK parent and getting involved!

Volunteer Program - Coaching

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a coach at Oasis High School Athletics. We are always looking for highly motivated, passionate people that want to assist our programs.

Every Oasis family must complete twelve (12) hours of volunteer time per school year.

Below is a list of requirements to become a volunteer at Oasis High School. Understand that all requirements must be met BEFORE stepping foot onto the field/court/pool with any of our student-athletes.

Name must be run through Sexual Predator Database, as mandated by Jessica Lunsford Act annually.

1. Complete Volunteer application - see below
2. Complete the Volunteer Coaching Application - see below
3. Meet with the Athletic Director and head coach.

*Please note as a volunteer you will not be allowed to be left alone with the student-athletes, drive a school van, or act as the school representative of the team.*

Volunteer Forms